24 Hour Plumber Potomac

24 Hour Plumber Potomac

More than likely, eventually, most homeowners are going to need the help of an Emergency Plumber in Potomac. Unanticipated plumbing issues generally occur at the most inconvenient times Haynes Plumbing knows. While you do not have to be a plumber to totally deal with the issue it is good for you to know a couple of ideas and tricks to decrease damages until you can call a plumbing contractor.

Pointers for 24 HR Plumbing Potomac Homeowners

Let’s review a couple of things one can do for different plumbing emergencies. It is excellent to understand where the main water shut off valve is found.

For leaking or broken pipes – turn off the primary water supply. Even if the leak is small, in time plenty water will be lost and the water expenses will increase substantially. One could have the ability to repair a leak but it is still most effective to call Haynes Plumbing.

Leaking water heater – if hot water is leaking from the unit turn off the cold water supply directly above the heater. If this can’t be shut completely switch off the main supply of water. If the water is not leaking into a drain one will need to connect a hose to the water heater and run it to a drain.

An additional water heater word of advice is if the smell of gas is found, promptly switch off the gas supply, contact the local utility company, and leave the house.

Stopped up toilets – if the toilet clogs and appears like it’s going to overflow, turn the water on in a close-by sink or tub. This will decrease the water to the toilet. Try using a plunger to unblock it.

Stopped up drain – if the drain is completely stopped up, make use of a plunger to break up the blockage. One can try making use of a liquid drain cleaner if the sink is draining slowly, but please be mindful for they are harmful to the skin.

Washing machines – if the clothes washer malfunctions shut off both water valves if it is leaking water. Also shut off any electrical power to the equipment.

Frozen pipelines – thaw the pipelines gradually with either a hair dryer or space heater. Open close by faucets to let thawed water escape.

Our Additional Plumber Service Potomac Offerings

Haynes Plumbing is in addition a full service home improvement provider, which does make it perfect for aiding Potomac homeowners with any sort of home repair needed as a result of a plumbing or water damage situation. If you are looking to remodel part of your household, or build an addition, contact us. We would enjoy assisting with the plumbing and home finishing aspects of the task!

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